Man, it took me way too long to break through and find this place - this place of unapologetic, fearless living; this place of authenticity and weightless freedom; this way of living borderless.  

I have been here before, but after having lost my way for a time, I wasn't sure if I'd ever find it again. 

Life is the greatest teacher though. 

I learned that we can either allow our challenges to break us, or to mold us into the warriors that we really are on the inside.  

As I began to break the chains that had wound themselves around my life, I slowly relearned how to live freely and how to fly again. This journey, has left me with scars, but they tell the story of me (and they make for great conversation starters). It has also given me the courage to take charge of my life again - to live with intent and pursue my passion!

Yellow Backpack Hiker Girl 2.jpeg

My mission is to help you take the shortcut to the place that I took the long road to get to.

I hope so much that you'll find what you are looking for here. 

For me, living borderless was originally a dare-to-self that I didn't know if I would ever be capable of. Then it became my determined direction. Then my freedom.

Then I realized that it is what I was born for. It's the way I give back to the world.

Now, I am set on helping you find yourself again, loving who you are and then... living borderless. 

I am bent on helping you become more free every day, in new ways. I want to see you live up to the potential within you and have the heart of a child as you set off confidently in the direction of our dreams.  So let's get this party started, yeah?!

Will you join me on this journey of embracing life and living borderless?


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